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Xi'an Natence Building Auto-System Co., Ltd, Is mainly engaged in the sales of fire alarm system and building intelligent products and the construction of fire alarm & weak current engineering. The company was established on September 9, 1999, with a registered capital of 15 million RMB and its headquarters in xi 'an high-tech development zone. For 20 years, we  has been committed to the enterprise mission of making buildings safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient, providing customers with first-class products and first-class technical services.

As the core distributor of Siemens (China) co., LTD., through 20 years unremitting efforts we become one of the most important cooperation partner of Siemens fire and only authorized distributor in northwest China, In addition, We have won many awards such as "excellent partner", "best distributor", "fastest progress in fire protection", "FS BU fastest growth rate" and so on.. At the same time, the company was evaluated as "excellent cooperative unit" by xi 'an Haixing group, xi 'an ronghua group and many other customers.
We have completed more than 1000 engineering supply projects, widely serving government agencies, schools, Banks, telecommunications, aerospace, energy and chemical, medical and pharmaceutical, tobacco, real estate, hotels, power plants, railways, roads, airports and other customers. Representative projects : Shanxi information building, the Hong Kong international building (now the China merchants bank building), Shaanxi telecom network management building, xi 'an Tang Paradise, Shanxi Province office of National People's Congress, Baoji, yan 'an, lanzhou, tianshui, anyang, fuling and other cigarette factories., Pucheng clean energy, Yanchang  petroleum  and Changqing oilfield, the Xi 'an Xianyang international airport (using the Honeywell products), Yinchuan hedong airport, Chengdu Shuangliu airport, helan mountain stadium, Yinchuan gen Yuan Marriott hotel, Lanzhou Hong Lou times Plaza, xi 'an – Janssen pharmaceutical co., ltd, Yabao pharmaceutical, xi 'an university of electronic science and technology, space four hospital scientific research intelligence building, the people's hospital of xi 'an, Xian yang center hospital, Newly built high-speed railway xi 'an to Chengdu passenger line (shaanxi section), shiyan to tianshui expressway (G7011) ankang east section, ankang west section and hanzhong east section, xiamen lianxin 12-inch chip factory, mihad power station in Syria, hila sewage treatment plant in Babylon province, Iraq, etc.

At the same time of business expansion, we actively completed the maintenance of the old projects. Under the careful maintenance of our company, many projects such as China mobile hub building, China telecom network tube building, xianyang central hospital, weinan tobacco library, oron205 research institute, and scientific research and information building of the fourth aerospace institute have been running steadily for more than 10 years. In the service of old customers at the same time, maintenance service has become an important part of the company's business. With the accumulation of 20 years, our company has excellent maintenance and technical services in Siemens, Honeywell, Mortifier,  Edward and other top automatic fire alarm products maintenance and technical services.

With the expansion of business, the company has obtained the professional contracting and construction qualifications of electronic and intelligent engineering, fire protection facilities engineering and construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering. The construction of fire fighting and intelligent building engineering is also gradually becoming the company's core business.
The vast majority of employees have undergraduate or graduate degree in engineering and technical personnel, we are a young and professional team, adhering to the "people-oriented" concept, to the cultivation of staff quality and professional ability is the key of the company team building, make the company become a "enterprises and employees to seek common development platform", "employees" to be the core of the company management objectives. Based on a strong and professional management team, the company's management level continues to improve. In 2005, we obtained the certificate of ISO9001 quality management system. In 2018, we passed the certification of ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 management system.
Since the company set up an office in Lanzhou in October 2003, we have successively set up overseas branches in Lanzhou, Yinchuan and Urumqi, so that our service can cover the whole northwest region more quickly and effectively.
May the fleeting time live up to the expectations of the years to come Thanks for the trust of customers, thanks for the efforts of colleagues. Twenty years of Natence, mature, steady, and ready to go, The day Natence went to the new starting point of the second business, What is gone is gone, but go for what to come. Natence is willing to cooperate with all sectors of society to do a good job in the sales and technical services of fire protection and intelligent building products, and the installation of the project, May we live up to our mission in the prime of our lives.

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